Initially starting as a mobile app concept in 2018, Squad Assist was officially formed as a UK company in August 2021. We believe that football is for everyone and aim to provide a platform to facilitate this.
Both co-founders Dino & Tom play casual football with friends and colleagues. For years they have seen the same problems affecting groups every week: who is available, drafting in stand-ins when numbers are low, giving out match details, and getting money transferred to pay for the pitch.
Squad Assist solves these problems by providing a platform for footballers, by footballers, to help make organising games and managing squads easy.

Our Founders

Squad Assist Founder Tom Bullard in the style of a 90s football sticker

Tom Bullard

Has a masters degree in user-interface and game design.  Since then has been doing freelance graphic design, UI, and front-end web development.
Squad Assist Founder Dino Kadric in the style of a 90s football sticker

Dino Kadric

Has a degree in computer games programming and now has multiple years in full stack web development.
New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund text and spaceship blast-off logo next to the EU flag accompanied by the words "European Union, European Regional Development Fund"
Grant received through the New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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