This is our support hub where we will be adding content to help both players and admins get the most out of Squad Assist. We have created a FAQ section with links to a few help pages for starters, but this hub will be expanded over time as we create more resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Squad Assist?

You can register for your free account at Use this same address each time you want to use the app or you can download it to your desktop or mobile.

What types of football does Squad Assist support?

All forms of football are supported. We personally play 5 and 7-a-side football but we created the app so that it could be used by teams as well as casual groups. Find out more.

How do I download the Squad Assist app?

You can download and install the app through your web browser. Read our Installing Squad Assist guide to find out which devices are supported and how to set it up.

Is it only football teams who can use Squad Assist?

No, we designed Squad Assist with football in mind because that’s what we’re passionate about. But all sports teams could benefit from our organisation and management features.
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