Beta Testing Announcement

Author: Tom
Date: 14 September 2022

We are delighted to announce that the beta version of Squad Assist will be launching in October, 2022. This will be the first time we have real squads test out our football organiser. In this blog post we discuss what to expect from the beta, give you more info about the app and our plans, and share with you how to register your interest in the upcoming testing.

What is Squad Assist?

Squad Assist is a football organising website and web app. It benefits all types of football players at any level, from casual 5-a-side through to local grassroots, Sunday league teams, futsal, and walking football. If you have played any of these then chances are you’ve experienced the difficulties of finding out who is available and whether you have enough for the game to go ahead. Squad Assist helps get your squad organised and your game on.

What features will the beta test have?

When testing begins next month you will be able to create a squad and invite your teammates to sign up and join you. All players will be able to join multiple squads making it the go-to site for managing all your weekly games.

Everyone within a squad will be able to be see upcoming games scheduled on the squad’s event list. Giving them the opportunity to say whether they can play or not. These event cards also show who else has signed up, what date and time the match is, where it is taking place, how much it will cost, and whether the game is on or off.

A screenshot of the Squad Assist app running on a PC. The screen is divided into three lists: one for squads, players, and events.
The alpha version of Squad Assist running on the PC app with some of the features still missing.

Will you be adding more features?

Yes, we have an exciting list of features we will be developing and adding to Squad Assist over the coming months. Here is a preview of what's coming up:


Our plan is to integrate a payment system into Squad Assist so that you can pay your match fee through the app. We will also add further functionality so that both organisers and players can see debts and their payment history.

Football Specific Features

Squad Assist's main focus is on football and we will be developing features that benefit footballers and their squads. Expect things like a teams-picker, player profiles, player status icons, and more. We will be posting more details on these features in the future across our social media channels and website. We would also love to hear from you about which features you want to see added. Get in touch!


The beta will launch with a dark theme as the only selectable option from the user settings. Shortly after this has launched, we will then add three accessibility themes. There will be one for Deuteranopia & Protanopia (red-green colour blindness), one for Tritanopia (blue-yellow), as well as a high contrast one. We have used colour simulations to create these, and really want to hear from you about how effective they are. After these have been added we will work on a light theme.

The Squad Assist match sign up screen in two different themes; dark and tritanopia.
This side by side shows a simulation of how a person with tritanopia would see the dark theme compared with a possible dedicated tritanopia theme. Although subtle, the changes do introduce more contrast and tones.

Can I use this app for other sports?

Yes! We love playing football and have created Squad Assist with this in mind but there is no reason why you can’t use it to organise the sports you love. We'll certainly be using it ourselves to schedule other sports.

How can I sign up to the beta?

Head over to and enter your email address to be invited to the beta. As soon as this goes live in October, we will email you and everyone else signed up with details on how to access the Squad Assist web app. Before then you will also be able to copy your own unique referral code that you can send your teammates and get them to join the beta too.

Do I get anything for testing it?

Yes, as a thank you for testing and providing us with feedback we will reward the most active squads during the beta with access to new features before they are publicly available. A select number of accounts with high levels of genuine referrals will also get a permanent ad free experience. 

We're very excited to be launching the first public version of Squad Assist and cannot wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. We will be posting more content on our site and social media over the next month so stay tuned!

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