Beta Update: July 2023

Author: Tom
Date: 31 July 2023

These are the patch notes for our biggest update yet! For those following our progress you will know we received grant funding in April to develop the app further. We have made a few changes to our original plan but this update is all the progress we’ve made in the last few months.

Update Overview

New Features:

  • Match history tab
  • Payment tracking
  • PWA installation banners
  • Event Sharing
  • Improved Squad Invites

General fixes and changes:

  • Fixed an issue on iOS devices where the squad list page was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not create new events for later in the same day.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new games from being created if the user added a decimal number to the match cost field.
  • Fixed an issue where if you signed in, and then pressed back, the app would crash.
  • Fixed an issue when registering on a phone using predictive text and auto spacing.
  • Fixed an issue on registration that made it difficult for users to enter their date of birth on mobile.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking the invite to squad button – it would generate a new link each time and, in the process, invalidate old ones. This led to a redesign of the invite squad feature.
  • Fixed various console and network issue bugs.
  • Improved the UX around 503 and event not found pages.
  • Improved input validation and error messages.
  • Added password security validation to ensure new users create strong passwords.
  • Added the ability to reset passwords on the sign in screen.
  • Added the ability for players to cancel their squad join request (while it is pending).
  • Added the ability to opt in and out of marketing on the account settings page.
  • Added more descriptive page titles.
  • Replaced the old logo with the new 2023 version.

Feature Details

Match history:

A new tab has been added to the Squad Assist UI. This shows you a list of all games that has been created for this squad. You can then apply filters to see only games you’ve played in. There is currently an issue with the match filtering and match confirmation.

New Admin feature: Payment tracking

You can now manually confirm who has paid their match fee. To track this, go into your match history, confirm the match has taken place, view the details, then click the paid tab.  

PWA Installation Banners:

We know some users found it difficult downloading the web app onto their mobile devices. To help with this we have added a few installation banners, which makes the process far simpler. You can dismiss the one on the squad list, but it is also permanently visible on the account settings page.

New admin feature: Event Sharing

We have added a new share icon to event cards and event details pages to make it easier for admins to link to specific events. Clicking this share icon will copy a link to your clipboard for that event which you can then text, email, or message players with.

Add Events to Device Calendar

All users will also have a new calendar icon added to event cards. Clicking this will allow you to add the event to your device’s calendar with pre-populated details for easy entry.

Update Notification Banner

We’ve added a banner to the squad list to notify you when there has been a new major update to the app. Clicking the banner will take you to the latest patch notes on our blog.

Improved Squad Invites

We’ve revamped squad invites. Each squad now has a unique code which you can view and copy as an admin. This code lasts until you regenerate another, meaning you can keep sending the same code or link invite. Players can paste this code into the join squad window to request to join.

Upcoming Changes

Although this update is a significant step towards a full launch, the app is still in beta and we have a few more features to add soon.

  • Notifications - Receive notifications both in and out of app of key events, such as new games being scheduled, new join requests, and match payments due.
  • Recurring Events - This will be added to the event creation screen and let's admins set up automatically generated weekly games - useful for weekly 5-a-side games.
  • Match Fee Payments - Pay your match fee through the app for the games you play in, directly to your squad's organiser without the need for cash or external money transfers.

There will also be some further tweaks coming soon to the app, so stay tuned for them.

Finally, thanks once again to all our beta testers. Many of the fixes for this patch were as a direct result of your feedback. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new features and let us know if you find any major issues.

If you would like to be part of the beta you can sign up for free at:

New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund text and spaceship blast-off logo next to the EU flag accompanied by the words "European Union, European Regional Development Fund"
Grant received through the New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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