Beta Update One

Author: Tom
Date: 18 November 2022

The Squad Assist beta has been live less than a week and we’ve pushed our first update adding new features and changes! The majority of the new features are only available to squad organisers but these will help with basic squad admin. You can find out how get started with the beta and what the other known issues in this blog post: Open Beta Launch

Update Overview

Admin features for organisers:

  • New auto-approve toggle when creating events.
  • Ability to rename your squad.
  • Ability to remove players from your squad.
  • Added a character limit to squad names.

General changes:

  • Updated the design of the modals.
  • You can now see your email address on the account settings page.

Upcoming Changes

These are things we’re working on adding soon:

  1. Event history - matches won’t disappear as soon as they reach the time of kick off. All past events (matches) are still being stored on our system so once added you will be able to go back and view past matches.
  2. Password reset and forgotten password functionality.
  3. More descriptive error messages when registering an account.
  4. Ability for players to cancel a squad join request.

Feature Details

Auto-approve toggle on the event creation page

When enabled, any new accepts will be automatically added to the team sheet. Useful for casual groups using first come, first serve, where the organiser doesn’t need complete control over who is playing. You can edit existing scheduled events to enable this new feature.

This will be free during the beta for all squads to use but may become part of our premium paid package in the future. We will post details about premium and confirm what's included in it prior to it's launch.

You can now rename your squad

Added the ability to change your squad’s name. You can access this from the squad settings using the 3 dots (ellipsis) icon on the players list screen.

Removing players

You can now remove players from the squad via the player list. Use the tick boxes to select which players you wish to remove, then hit the remove button.

Squad name character limit

Introduced a character limit on new and edited squad names, it’s set to 20 at the moment. Let us know if this is too few.

Updated modal design

We’ve changed the colour of the popup modals to improve the contrast on these menus so that they are easier to read.

Account settings email address

You can now see your email address on the account settings page so that you know which email you've logged in with. This is for display purposes (read-only), you can't edit or change the email address attached to your account.

As always, keep sending us through your feedback. The changes we’ve made with this update have been a direct result of this, so thank you. If you would like to be part of the beta you can sign up for free at:

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