What types of football does Squad Assist support?

All of them. When creating Squad Assist we wanted to make it as flexible as possible so that it can support all types of football.

5-a-side through to 7-a-side

You get to decide the minimum number of players you need when scheduling a game. We’ve created the app to give you total control, so that even if you book a 5-a-side pitch through your provider, you can still have any number of players that you want. We know that pitch sizes vary from provider to provider and that sometimes it makes for a better game to have 6 vs 6 on a 5-a-side pitch. Even larger ones can accommodate 7 or 8 even player teams. 
Set your minimum required you want, for example for a full 5-a-side game you would set the player count to 10. Even if you fall short of this number, you can still confirm the game as going ahead through the app.
League games may allow you to use rolling substitutions. Again, you can set the minimum players to 5 when scheduling your match, but players can still sign up after you have reached this total. You can then confirm which players are playing through the app.

Football clubs and training

The same advice above applies to football clubs using the app for your matchday scheduling. Set your minimum players required as per your league's rules. The manager (or squad organiser) can then confirm the teamsheet through the app.
For training we recommend setting the minimum player count to zero, allowing all players who sign up to join. Unless you need a minimum number to make it a viable session.

Indoor, futsal, walking football, and everything else in between

It doesn't matter what format of football you're playing, we want Squad Assist to be for everyone. Whatever format in play in, you can still create and manage your squad, schedule games, and confirm your signups. 
When scheduling games, make use of the event name to tell your players what type of game it is. This is especially useful if you're frequently running different formats of games with the same group of players.
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